Saturday, August 1, 2009

Buah Tampoi, Exotic Wild Jungle Fruit.

Yesterday on my way back from Muadzam Shah, Pahang, I saw this orang Asli man selling petai and this exotic wild fruit, buah tampoi, at the roadside. He was selling the jungle fruits at RM5.00/bundle. I have never tasted it before. He gave me one fruit to eat trying its taste . It was easy to open and unlike mangosteen, there was no juice coming out from the skin when squeezed to open. Its flesh was transparent white and tasted a bit sweet and little sour. I don't know how true it is, but he told me that the wild tampoi trees in the jungle only bear fruits in 5-7 years! So I decided to buy a bundle. I also bought 2 bundle of petai and 3 piece chempedak from him. The petai was sold at RM3.00/bundle and I paid RM5.00 for the cempedak. It was, indeed, a fruitful day for me!

Later my son-in-law from Kuching, Joshua Goh, told me that buah tampoi (Baccaurea spp.) had been planted commercially in Sarawak in recent years. Its flesh of the variety there is transparent yellow in colour.