Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Red wine and onions (Citrus Punch)

According to a wine retailer, "Onions, when soaked in red wine, can help curing common diseases." (such as aching knees, poor eye sight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, frequent urination, sleeplessness, etc.)

His recipe is very simple, as below.


• 2 Onions
• Red wine -500 ml

(A bottle of wine, usually 750 ml, will need 3 onions)


1. Wash onions, remove outside peels; slice each onion into 8 equal parts
2. Put cut onions in to a jar, pour wine into the jar
3. Seal the jar, place jar in a cool temperature area for 7 or 8 days
4. Separate wine and onion in different containers and put in refrigerator


1. Drink a glass of the wine (50 ml) each time (20 ml for elders)
2. Drink one or two times a day
4. Better eat the soaked onion slices
5. For those who can’t drink, add twice amount of water boil it 5 minutes to drink
6. For those who like it sweet, add a small amount of honey

According to the person who shared this recipe via email, his wife does not need to go to bathroom in the middle of the night as before after drinking such wine for a few weeks.

I think there is no harm to try if you like to drink wine. If it works on you, please share it with others.

It seems that this red wine treatment is quite popular in Japan.

Doc: Papaya leaves can cure dengue

Good news to be shared.......(as reported in thestar online)

KUALA LUMPUR: Papaya leaves and pegaga (centella asiatica) juice are a possible cure for dengue fever, a recent study revealed.

It has been reported that many people consume papaya leaves or pegaga juice to increase their platelet count after they contract dengue fever.

A recent study, conducted by a group of researchers from local and foreign universities, indicated that the powder from papaya leaves has substances responsible for the release and/or production of thrombocytes (platelets).

The study was initiated and led by Dr S. Kathiresan of AIMST University.

Green remedy: Researchers find the powder from papaya leaves contains substances that promote the production of platelets.

Dr Kathiresan said the leaves of papaya fruit were high in complex vitamins that might help bone marrow to rapidly increase blood platelet production.

“Dengue fever continues to be a major health threat to Malaysia after its first reported outbreak in 1902.

“The dengue virus’ main effect is on platelet production. Nor­mally, a platelet in our body lasts for about five to 10 days and the body replenishes them when required,” he told Bernama.

“This virus destroys the body’s capacity to produce new platelets (during the period the virus is effective). The platelet count for a normal person varies from 150,000 to 250,000 per micro litre of blood. On becoming infected, a patient’s platelet count starts falling.

“A platelet count below 100,000 per microlitre is alarming – immediate medical attention is required. A platelet count below 50,000 can be fatal,” he added.

A fall in the platelet count prevents formation of clots and this leads to haemorrhaging, which results in both internal and external bleeding.

Once such bleeding starts, the situation is almost irreversible, he said.

Dr Kathiresan noted that interest in the papaya began with a simple experiment with papaya leaves which were ground and administered to mice.

The platelet counts before, and 72 hours after dosing, revealed they were significantly higher.

The six-month study, titled Thrombocyte counts in mice after the administration of papaya leaf suspension, published in October 2009, was funded by AIMST University and Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Dr Kathiresan was assisted in the study by Dr Surash Rama­nathan, Dr Sharif M. Mansor and Dr Mas Rosemal M.H. Haris of Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, and Walther H. Wernsdorfer of Medical University of Vienna, Austria. — Bernama

Monday, August 22, 2011

LIME - Traditional Cure for Diabetes

Read about this in a forwarded email. A patient of diabetes tried this and got himself cured. As the ingredients are all natural, I think there's no harm at all to have a try and do spread this to your friends or whoever wish to try it.

Here's the Recipe :

Steam 4 limes (green lime) together with 1 chicken without head and tail), cut limes into half, add some salts and water level just to cover the chicken.

Drink it as a soup and eat the chicken for supper.

That patient took it 4 times and went for a medical check up. Surprisingly, the doctor advised the patient to stop Diabetes medication as the blood sugar plunged to below the standard count. From then on he did constant blood check and it was normal. So for prevention, sometimes he still has it once in a while.

If you try and it works for you, praise God. Then share it with others.