Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Red wine and onions (Citrus Punch)

According to a wine retailer, "Onions, when soaked in red wine, can help curing common diseases." (such as aching knees, poor eye sight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, frequent urination, sleeplessness, etc.)

His recipe is very simple, as below.


• 2 Onions
• Red wine -500 ml

(A bottle of wine, usually 750 ml, will need 3 onions)


1. Wash onions, remove outside peels; slice each onion into 8 equal parts
2. Put cut onions in to a jar, pour wine into the jar
3. Seal the jar, place jar in a cool temperature area for 7 or 8 days
4. Separate wine and onion in different containers and put in refrigerator


1. Drink a glass of the wine (50 ml) each time (20 ml for elders)
2. Drink one or two times a day
4. Better eat the soaked onion slices
5. For those who can’t drink, add twice amount of water boil it 5 minutes to drink
6. For those who like it sweet, add a small amount of honey

According to the person who shared this recipe via email, his wife does not need to go to bathroom in the middle of the night as before after drinking such wine for a few weeks.

I think there is no harm to try if you like to drink wine. If it works on you, please share it with others.

It seems that this red wine treatment is quite popular in Japan.


Maxloh said...

When I came across this article, I said to myself "why not give it a try?" So I followed the preparations a week ago and last night I had taking the 1st dose, about 2 tablespoon. It tasted a bit odd, with onion taste in the red wine, but it's OK with me. Hope it works on me after finish drinking the whole bottle.

With 50ml a day, the bottle of wine can last for about 15 days.

If you prefer to drink 2 times a day, i.e. 100ml, then the bottle of wine can only last for a week.

COMPUTER said...

Hi, Maxloh,

Thanks for your article" red wine and onions". You said you would try to take it. What's result? lower you blood pressure? thank you again

Anonymous said...

It worked within 24 hours. My blood pressure was 101-160, now it is 80-128. Amazing! And resolved my sleep problem too! Now I can have good sleep most of time, and I can drink a glass of wine every night!

ChrisLee said...

I have just prepared the formula and looking forward to my first drink. As l don't do too well with red wine l hope it does not trigger my Gastric. I have high BP 155/90, with medication it is 130/80 so l hope this is a natural health benefits and l can reduce the medicine. My fasting sugar is also high normal l also hope this concoction can reduce it. I have just done my blood tests and l will repeati it again in March. If it works l am going to have a great 2013. One of the thing l wanted to do is to get back to my marathon. TQ for the great tip.