Monday, August 22, 2011

LIME - Traditional Cure for Diabetes

Read about this in a forwarded email. A patient of diabetes tried this and got himself cured. As the ingredients are all natural, I think there's no harm at all to have a try and do spread this to your friends or whoever wish to try it.

Here's the Recipe :

Steam 4 limes (green lime) together with 1 chicken without head and tail), cut limes into half, add some salts and water level just to cover the chicken.

Drink it as a soup and eat the chicken for supper.

That patient took it 4 times and went for a medical check up. Surprisingly, the doctor advised the patient to stop Diabetes medication as the blood sugar plunged to below the standard count. From then on he did constant blood check and it was normal. So for prevention, sometimes he still has it once in a while.

If you try and it works for you, praise God. Then share it with others.


Brian said...

Hey, thanks for the recipe, hope it helps me as well. I have got a Blood Check Up with my doctor in 15 days. Lets hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brain has the lime mixture worked for you. I anxiously await reponses relating to the lime and chicken mixture that helps diabetics any one that tried it please advise either positive or negative experiences can be shared. Collin

mike said...

brian did this work for you

is worth trying