Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't Waste That Lemon Peel

Recieved this forwarded email from a friend. The article apparently is written by Junji Takano* Surya.
*I'm sure you know how nutritious a lemon is. But you may only know how to
use it as a simple seasoning, as most people do, and not as a side dish. You
think that only the squished juice from lemon is used, while the lemon peel
is thrown away. Yes, you think that you only need that sour, citrus taste of
the lemon's juice, is that right?

However, we found out that many professionals in restaurants and eateries
are using or consuming the entire lemon and nothing is wasted.

How can you use the whole lemon without waste? the lemon in
the freezer section of your refrigerator. Once the lemon is frozen, get your
grater, and shred the whole lemon (no need to peel it) and sprinkle it on
top of your foods.

Sprinkle it to your whisky, wine, vegetable salad, ice cream, vegetable
soup, chicken soup, curry soup, noodles, spaghetti sauce, rice, sushi, meat
loaf, sausage, fish dishes, and ramen. It doesn't matter whether it's a
Chinese dish, Italian dish, French dish, African, Indian, Japanese, Korean,
or Latin American dishes, you just name it.

All of these foods will unexpectedly have wonderful taste, something that
you may have never tasted before in your life. You don't believe me? Just
try it and you will agree with me. Everything will certainly taste great!
Most likely, if you hear the word lemon, you only think of lemon juice and
vitamin C. Not anymore. Now that you've learned this lemon secret, you can
use lemon even in instant cup noodles.

What's the major advantage of using the whole lemon other than
preventing waste and adding new taste to your dishes?

*Well, you see lemon peels contain as much as 5 to 10 times more vitamins
than the lemon juice itself. And yes, that's what you've been wasting. But
from now on, by following this simple procedure of freezing the whole lemon,
then grating it on top of your dishes, you can consume all of those
nutrients and get even healthier.

The lemon peel is good in making you slim if you are a fat person, or makes
you healthy fat if you are skinny.

It's also good that lemon peels are health rejuvenators in eradicating toxic elements in the body.

*Place your lemon in your freezer, and then grate it on your meal time every
day. It is a key to make your foods tastier and you get to live healthier
and longer! That's the lemon secret!*

Instead of *Send This Article To Your Friends*, I like to share with you in my blog. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 Powerful Foods that Lower Your Blood Pressure

Below are 5 powerful foods that could help you lower your blood pressure levels:

artichokes help lower blood pressure1. Artichokes

The use of artichokes has been implicated in the lowering of cholesterol levels in the blood. Since hypercholesterolemia is one of the risk factors for high blood pressure, this information is actually good news. Three clinical trials conducted separately by Dr. Barbara Wider supports this fact. In Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews’ October 2009 issue, where the result of the study was published, it was shown that patients who were diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia and given Artichoke leaf extract exhibited a decrease in their blood cholesterol levels.

Artichokes taste amazing steamed (generally steam for about 1 hour) and then dip each piece into a mixture of olive oil, grass-fed butter, and garlic. Delicious!

bananas cut high blood pressure2. Bananas

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine says that incorporating bananas in your day-to-day meals can actually cut stroke-related deaths by as much as 40 percent. A 1997 study at Johns Hopkins University recommended eating at least five bananas daily to achieve the desired effect, and that is to lower elevated blood pressure levels. However, a study conducted by Indian researchers at the Kasturba medical college revealed that people who eat two bananas a day, for one whole week, can lower their blood pressure levels by 10 percent.

Bananas are rich in potassium, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the heart. It works with sodium to maintain balance of the body’s fluids, which is an important factor in the regulation of blood pressure.

compounds in beets beat blood pressure3. Beets

A research study conducted by scientists from Barts and The London School Medicine revealed that simply drinking one 500 ml glass of beetroot juice each day can produce astounding health benefits, especially to the heart.

Beetroot juice has been found to lower high blood pressure levels. Professors Amrita Ahluwalia and Ben Benjamin, from the William Harvey Research Institute and Peninsula Medical Center, respectively, led the research efforts, which revealed that the consumption of dietary nitrate that is found in beetroot has BP-lowering effects in as fast as 1 hour after ingestion, with the effect lasting for up to 24 hours. The result of the study was published in the March 2008 issue of Hypertension.

You can try beetroot juice, or also try baked beets sliced on salads or as a side dish to dinner.

cocoa helps lower blood pressure4. Cocoa

A study conducted by researchers from Germany’s University Hospital of Cologne revealed that cocoa can significantly lower high blood pressure levels. Study results were published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The beneficial heart effects of cocoa are attributed to its flavonoid content, specifically procyanids.

Because cocoa is most commonly found in chocolate, people falsely assume that eating a lot of chocolate could be good for the health. Keep in mind that cocoa in chocolates have undergone a lot of processing, and it has been mixed with loads of sugar, so this is not totally healthy. The best way to take advantage of the health benefits offered by cocoa is to choose raw cacao – it is good for the heart, the brain and the liver. Raw cacao nibs go great in smoothies! Also use organic cocoa powder in smoothies or homemade hot cocoa sweetened with stevia instead of sugar.

garlic fights hypertension5. Garlic

Researchers from South Australia’s University of Adelaide have conducted studies, which provide solid proof that the consumption of garlic can indeed help lower elevated blood pressure levels. Garlic supplements in powder form were given and results revealed that it produced a reduction in systolic blood pressure. Garlic has been known all over the world as a very important herb, especially with its heart-protecting capabilities. It helps lower blood cholesterol levels and prevents blood from forming clots (which could lead to heart attack and stroke).

Furthermore, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal has published the results of a laboratory test showing how garlic juice can lead to a decrease in blood pressure levels. Eating the equivalent of 2 cloves of garlic each day can significantly contribute to the health of the heart.

Friday, October 7, 2011


They call it a "Miracle Drink" - a juice combined of one beet root, one carrot and an apple blended together. Just wash and cut them into pieces with skin on, and then blend them in the juicer. Drink the juice immediately.

The best time to drink is recommended in the morning with an empty stomach, an hour before breakfast. If you like it, prepare another glass and drink it before 5pm.

If you have constipation problem, it may help to detoxify and assist bowel movement.

The person who shared his experience said that his bowel movement improved a lot and he could go to toilet everyday. He also mentioned that his domestic helper whose hands used to be cold became warm again after drinking the juice for some time.

It is claimed that this "Miracle Drink" will be effective for many ailments but what I am most interested is that it helps to strengthen immune system. Prevention is always better than cure!

Perhaps someone can give a better explanation on its nutrition and medical value.

Anyway, if you like to drink juice, why not give it a try?

I just started today.