Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear GOD, I Beg You!

Feeling at a loss with what to do with an irritating and unjust BOSS?

Unfair, unjust, always picking on you - well the list may be too long...?

This prayer may be of HELP to you.


GOD, if you give me the power, I'll hug him and say THANK YOU!

2 comments: said...

Good bosses are as rare as white tigers. Most bosses are nasty and only interested in the mighty dollar and they don't give two hoots for their employees. So we must always be prepared and save up to be our own boss. I'm now my own boss as a retiree. I'm free to do what I like, of course with constraint. No man likes to work under a boss forever. It's time he works for himself, his family and for God. said...

The Big Boss ( a poem by JM Tan)

The boss is always right
You'd better be bright
He's never wrong
Because his name is Wong
If he says black is white
You better say he's right
If he makes a mistake
It's the risk you have to take
He's hard to please
So you are never at ease
When times are good
You can sense the mood
When times are bad
You'll have to beg
When it's time, you'll have to go
Life is such if you have no goal
Be your own boss
Is the way to go!