Thursday, September 18, 2008

Closing Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

Last night with so much enthusiasm and full excitement, I watched the Closing Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games in the Bird’s Nest live telecasted on CCTV1. As I was in Medan, Indonesia, I switched on my TV about 5 minutes before 7pm WIB when it kicked off at 8pm sharp Beijing time on September 17. My eyes were glued to the television screen from the beginning to the end of the ceremony. The IPC President, Mr. Philip Craven’s statement: “What a great Paralympic Games this has been!” had indeed echoed the true feeling of millions of people around the world and those lucky spectators in Beijing National Stadium watching the Paralympic Games from September 6 – 17.

The scenes created by the Games organizers, starting with a shower of 600,000 red leaves, followed by a lawn dotted with 360,000 flowers, then with a collection of 100,000 post cards, and later a mute dialogue between a girl and a flame, were so stunning, picturesque, and exciting. The performances were outstanding, brilliant and more than spectacular. China and the Chinese people can proudly say that “Two Games, Equal Splendor.

I come to understand that the Paralympic Games exemplified the concepts of "Transcendence, Integration and Equality". It was reported that there were more than 4,000 Paralympic athletes from 147 countries and regions participated and competed in the games. They had shown the world with remarkable accomplishments that 279 World records and 339 Paralympic records had been broken despite of their disabilities and physically handicapped. They could only achieve such an extraordinary and notable results with days of training and hard work. More important of all, they had acquired the positive attitude toward their lives. Beside self-reliance, they might have gained self-confidence and self-respect as they improved themselves day by day in preparation for the games.

As I watched the Paralympic flame being extinguished marking the perfect ending of the 2008 Paralympics, I felt that it was so successfully held in Beijing that it had touched and moved the whole world.

The simple “One World, One Dream” slogan tells it all. We, mankind, belong to this world and we share the same dream to promote world peace and harmony.

Let our athletes compete in Olympic & Paralympic Games, but our world leaders should try their best to avoid wars. Isn't this the true spirit of Olympics & Paralympics?

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I didn't watch the live telecast of the Paralympics Closing Ceremony bc I did'nt know about it.
Sports should promote friendship to all peoples of the world instead of hatred and religious extremism by some misguided people. Live and let live! Long live the Olympics. God is love not hatred for other people.