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I wish to share the following information regarding Dengue Fever & Papaya Leaf Juice that I have gathered from the internet and a forwarded email.

Dengue fever is caused by a virus that is being transmitted through the bites of infective female Aedes mosquitoes. This virus is not contagious and cannot be spread directly from person to person. There must be a person-to-mosquito-to-another-person pathway. However, presently there is no specific medicine or antibiotic to treat dengue caused by the virus.

It seems that dengue strikes people with low levels of immunity. The body contains two types of blood cells: red and white. White blood cells help to fight off illnesses. Dengue fever decreases the amount of white blood cells, thus exposing the patient to illness.

Some of the symptoms of dengue fever are: very high fever, nausea, headache, rash and dangerously low blood platelets count.

Dengue starts with chills, headache, pain upon moving the eyes, and low backache. Painful aching in the legs and joints occurs during the first hours of illness. The temperature rises quickly as high as 104° F (40° C), with relative low heart rate (bradycardia) and low blood pressure (hypotension). The eyes become reddened. A flushing or pale pink rash comes over the face and then disappears. The glands (lymph nodes) in the neck and groin are often swollen.

Fever and other signs of dengue last for 2 - 4 days, followed by rapid drop in temperature (defervescence) with profuse sweating. This precedes a period with normal temperature and a sense of well-being that lasts about a day. A second rapid rise in temperature follows. A characteristic rash appears along with the fever and spreads from the extremities to cover the entire body except the face. The palms and soles may be bright red and swollen.

Appropriate medical care frequently saves the lives of patients with the more serious dengue hemorrhagic fever. There is no specific treatment for classic dengue fever, and most people recover within 2 weeks. To help with recovery, health care experts recommend:

1) Getting plenty of bed rest.

2) Drinking lots of fluids for adequate hydration.

3) Taking medicine to reduce fever/severe headache and joint/muscle pain but Aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided as these drugs may worsen the bleeding tendency associated with some of these infections.

4) A platelet transfusion is indicated in rare cases if the platelets level drops significantly (below 20,000) or if there are significant bleeding.

The emails speculating the goodness of papaya leaf juice for curing dengue fever suggested to take 2 tablespoon papaya leaf juice per serving once a day, prepared from using 4 pieces papaya leaf (without stem or sap) after cleaning, pound and squeeze with filter cloth. Someone suggested to juice the leaves using a gear juicer or blend the leaves using a food processor/blender, and then put them in a filter cloth to squeeze out the juice. Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, otherwise it will loose its strength. Its taste is horribly bitter and may have to swallow it as if drinking 王老吉 'Won Low Kat'.

Although there may be no scientific proof of this recommendation, but papaya leaf is known to contain very high amounts of vitamins A, C, E, K, B Complex and especially high in B17 (laetrile, which is used for the treatment of cancer). Moreover, papaya leaf juice is believed to increase the number of white blood cells in the body

We have also come across online postings about the use of papaya leaf juice helping dengue patients to increase the platelets count dramatically and later overcome the fever.

Two of my friends were admitted to the hospital last year and we helped out by making for them, fresh juice from papaya leaves. After taking the papaya leaf juice, their blood platelets count increased rapidly and they were out of the hospital within days. One of them reported their platelets count at a dangerous level of only 8 (normal count is 150 and above). One week after she was discharged, her platelets count shot up to above 300.”

Such discussions on internet or circulation through emails may not be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. However, there is no harm of taking papaya leaf juice after a dengue patient has seen a doctor, and has been advised to have adequate rest and drink lot of water and fluids, whether hospitalized or not.

It's great if such natural cure could help to ease the sufferings of dengue patients. Who knows this might make naturopathy a little more popular as currently it seems that there is no cure for the dreaded dengue reaching epidemic proportions.

But one thing is sure; the only way to prevent dengue virus transmission is to combat the disease-carrying Aedes mosquitoes, by eradicating all possible breeding sites.

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Thanks for the info. As I said b4, there are a lot of natural herbs around us if only we take the trouble to find out. There're lots of treasure out there if we take the time to hunt for them. Anyway, provention is better than cure. We must always keep our compounds clean and not throw rubbish indiscriminately like many Malaysians do nowadays. People must learn to cooperate and keep the place clean & healthy for the good of all. The trouble is not every one realise it. That's why we facing a degue and chikukunya epicdemic especially during the rainy season now when the mosquitoes start breeding fast. Even though the govt. has taken measures, it's the people who must show some responsibility by not turning the country into a huge rubbish dump. Every one must play his/her part in combating the breeding of the mosquitoes. I rest my case. said...

The papaya is a very good fruit. It's not only tasty but also has a lot of nutritional values. It contains minerals like iron and vitamin C which are good for our blood and bones. If the juice of the leaves can cure dengue, it's a bonus. We use to eat a lot of the fruit. Papayas are also cheap. They don't cost a bomb like the dragon fruit. If you have the compound around your house, you can grow them easily. They don't need much care. Am I right, my xifu

Anonymous said...

hi everybody. i'm from the philippines. actually we have a herbal laboratory which produces herbal drink from pappaya leaves. first my father in law was cured of his thryroid cancer, then my mother in law with her breast cancer after which my daughter who was 4 yrs. old at that time was also cured of leukemia. i hope we can help you. we are processing it in a liquid form free 500 ml per bottle. free from heavy metals. its BFAD-DOST approved, we have already helped many cancer patients. you can contact me at (082)3023127 or cel no. 09179281049.09228351147.

Anonymous said...

what is in the papaya that makes it to cure some of the aforesaid disease mentioned? Or they are being cured by what do we Call. PLACEBO EFFECT.

Aman said...

what bullshit, all you doctor care for is money ..... if a patient will cure himself with these free leaves why would you open your clinic for ..... you doctors are pathetic..... all you care is your money ..... MY DEAR FELLOWS papaya leaf cure dengue FOR SURE and need not to go to doctor ...... if you are not sure wheather you have dengue or not then also simply take juice of a full papaya leaf and you'll be ok in overnite ....... and yes Mr. DOC can you tell what you do if a dangue patient come to you , you transplant platelet only thats what papaya leaves are doing ...increasing platelet naturally .....

GO people cure yourself naturally

Ghazanfar said...

Papaya leaves should be taken with care if pregnant or nursing

Wireman said...

THIS REALLY DOES WORK!!! I (me personally, not a friend-of-a-friend) was suffering the last several days with high fever, joint pain, and headache from dengue. My wife heard about this papaya leaf juice thing and decided to try it since we have a papaya tree right next door. After the first dose, my fever was reduced and my head and joint pain was completely gone. I took my second dose this morning and my fever is also completely gone!

Syuen said...

I am a dance teacher and:

Yes, It is true. Papaya juice does cure people who have dengue fever. Drink it once a day and also drink lots of isotonic drink .
Below are the following persons that were cured:
my mother, my friend's son, my maid, my husband and my friend pastor.


Anonymous said...

HI there, I have suffered now for a year after contracting dengue fever in Thailand. A lot of the time I can't work as I am completely wiped out. I am still experiencing pain in my head, behind eyes, neck, down arms into my fingers, plus a feeling of poison going through my blood. I have done dozens of blood tests to make sure it is nothing else, and have seen specialists in western medicine, chinese medicine, ayurveda and accupuncurists. Although I am certainly better than when I first contraced the dengue, my life is continuing to be badly effected. Does this papaya leaf juice help in these chronic situations or just in the acute stages. Does anyone have any definite experience with curing this after a year?

Please help?

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this information, sure I'll spread this out so that many can be benefited.



Anonymous said...

I was wondering after reading your article and comments, which I may say is very interesting. That nothing is mentioned of the gender of the plant, male/female which should be used in the case of someone with dengue fever? Any info will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

thanks for d info. my two kids got dengue.. they don't have fever as of now. but they had rashes in palm and sole... last night they can't sleep well. this evening sept.30,2011, i decided to go out and fine some papaya leaves.from my neighbor,& make a juice. and i give 2 table spoon of papaya juice, to my 2 kids. as i observed as of this moment. my 2 kids are now sleeping without complaining d rashes.... my worries subside too.I DO HOPE AND PRAY unto LORD GOD.. that this fruit can be the perfect instrument to CURE patient.

Anonymous said...

My mom is currently suffering from dengue, she found this out a couple days ago. She's in alot pain and it scares ME so much that I can't even sleep at night. I'm going to get some Paw Paw (as we say in Trinidad) leaves from a friend today and I pray to God that that it works....Thxs for the info guys

Shan said...

My son is having dengue fever and the platelet count was 124, after giving 2 tablespoon of papaya leaf juice, the platelet increased to 128 the next day. I will continue to give and hopefully it increases the platelet more. Thanks for the info about papaya leaf juice. No harm in trying.

Anonymous said...

thanks to all for posting , will try it out definetly, small is 1 teaspoon of papaya juice per day sufficient for a kid of 8yrs old..