Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Old Friends

Keep in touch while we still have time.

If we can meet up, please don't call.

If you can call, please don't sms or email.

OK. Please sms or email rather than not hearing from you at all.

Do share your thoughts and experiences here.
Stay healthy and God Bless.


David Vun said...

Your photo still look very young. Anyway, stay healthy and may God be with you always.

Your old friend from sydney

KS Pang said...

blader, you have some old wine stashed in an old town called Kulai, and in a place once your favourite hangout called Swee Lam. So, when are you coming over to savour the aging old wine?????

Good day Pak Loh.

efendi doloksaribu said...

This is very good to implement, simple guidance. Thank you said...

I'm ur oldest buddy since schooldays. We know each other very well, inside out and upside down so to speak. We even had adventures 2gether. Remember the time we went to KL to see Cliff Richard and the Shadows and got detained by the police who mistakened us (including ur cousin brother) for being members of a gang. We went to the Chin Woo Stadium to see an exhibition. Suddenly we we approached by a man asking for our ICs. At first, I was a bit apprehensive bc he didn't identify himself as a policeman. On the 2nd thought, I presumed he must be a policeman in plain clothes. So I showed him my IC and then without saying anything, he took us to see another officer who started asking us questions and took down our particulars. I protested that we were schoolboys and not gangsters, but the officer didn't seem to bother. Then another officer came and started asking us the same questions. They then took us to the police station and started questioning again. There was no coordination betweem them. I had to protest many times that we're not gangsters but students. Bc of my protests, they didn't harm us but we witnessed the punchings of the other gangsters. We were released after taking mugshots of us. Then we rushed to Stadium Merdeka for the CR show. There was a big crowd of people as CR and the Shadows entered the Stadium. I could only catch a glimpse of his hair. When we were in the stadium, we couldn't see his face bc he's too far away on stage. We could only hear his music. I think. The Merdeka St. was not a suitable place to stage a concert. You can't see a thing. I fell sick after this and vomitted all the way home in the lousy Lin Siong bus. Instead of enjoying the trip. I suffered a lot. Back home, ur father happened to know ASP Yap, a senior police officer in the Pahang Police hq in K. Lipis and he managed to get back our mug shots and cleared us. The police didn't even apologise for their stupid mistake and made us suffer for nothing.That was in 1961.